Cavaletti S/A
Rua Dr. Hiram Sampaio, 550 99706-530 Erechim Brasilien

Cavaletti S/A Cadeiras Profissionais was founded in 1974 and operates all over the country, has differentiated quality standards in production and development of corporate seats for work areas, auditoriums and multi-use spaces. Cavaletti products are currently recognized among the most reliable in the market, result of constant investment in productive capacity, research and design.

Cavalleti offers in the market 24 lines of products to meet all professional environments , corporative and collective. The lines are presented in accordance with different characteristics of each product and application, facilitating the choice’s work and specification. We also offer Cavaletti Service – is specialized servisse for special projects of chairs and armchairs to large companies and institutions, such example is the development of chairs for people with disabilities – PCD dwarfism.

In our portfolio are multinational and business groups in all industries of the economy. A recente exaple is that Cavaletti is present in the 1500 seats of VIP cabins of the new Mineirão Stadium in Belo Horizonte – one of the 12 host cities of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, and also in the press area of Beira Rio stadium in Porto Alegre. Evidence that the brand created by Cavaletti family still has a lot to conquer.

Cavaletti is certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and CERFLOR / PEFC. With the certifications, the Cavaletti investment in innovation, sustainability, quality and satisfaction of our internal and external customers, and demonstrates its concern about these issues, which increasingly permeate the company’s relationships with its employees, partners, and community environment, placing always ahead in management processes.Currently occupies  an modern industrial park at the industrial district in Erechim. The total physical area is 81,000 m2 and 27,000 m2 of built area. Cavaletti employs more than 500 staff members on different areas. Automation is one of the factory differential, but not the only one: the successful formula of Cavaletti products is just the union of the cutting edge technology and investment in training people.

To Cavaletti the most important thing are the people, with this in mind, the company has many programs and projects dedicated to employees and community, including environmental and sustainability projects, demonstrating concern with present and future generations.

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