Canon Inc.
30-2, Shimomaruko 3-chome, Ohta-ku 146-8501 Tokyo Japan

The corporate philosophy of Canon is ‚Kyosei‘. A concise definition of this word would be ‚Living and working together for the common good‘, but our definition is broader: ‚All people, regardless of race, religion or culture, harmoniously living and working together into the future‘. Unfortunately, the presence of imbalances in our world in such areas as trade, income levels and the environment hinders the achievement of ‚Kyosei‘.Addressing these imbalances is an ongoing mission, and Canon is doing its part by actively pursuing ‚Kyosei‘. Truly global companies must foster good relations, not only with their customers and the communities in which they operate, but also with nations and the environment. They must also bear the responsibility for the impact of their activities on society. For this reason, Canon’s goal is to contribute to global prosperity and the well being of mankind, which will lead to continuing growth and bring the world closer to achieving ‚Kyosei‘.The ‚Three Selfs‘ Principle serving the foundation of Canon’s corporate culture since its early beginnings is the ‚San-Ji‘ or Three Selfs spirit. The Three Selfs are: self-motivation, self-management and self-awareness. Self motivation refers to taking the initiative and being proactive in all things; self-management refers to conducting oneself responsibly and being accountable for all of one’s actions; and self-awareness is understanding one’s situation and role in it. This guiding principle takes on even greater importance today as Canon aims to become a truly excellent global corporation.

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