Brum Brum Bikes
Skolas iela 15 LV1010 Riga Latvia
Telefon: +37128255443

We wanted our creation to become the favourite plaything of every kid who dreams of carelessly riding a
bike wherever their heart desires; that’s why we crafted a sturdy all-terrain children’s balance bicycle!

The man behind the idea for this balance bike is Krišjānis Jermaks, hard-working lawyer and loving dad.
His two little ones were quick to come up with a name for it – the Brum Brum (vroom vroom) – which 
sounds just like the noise made by their dad’s motorcycle when he starts it up. To make sure that the first 
prototypes get a feel of the pavement, Krišjānis’ friends got involved in the building of the bike.
Oskars Cirsis, who spends his days working as the creative director of digital advertising agency “Wrong”,
began developing a comprehensive vision of the concept. 

Raimonds Tāle joined the team to lend a hand in mulling over strategic decisions. 
The way the bike looks and works is the result of the joint efforts of Aldis Blicsons, skilled architect and 
3D modeller, Imants Bisenieks, a specialist in offering technical and design-related solutions, and Jānis 
Jirgens, talented carpenter.

The Brum Brum has been on display in different expositions, thanks to the scenography and visual 
materials created by Toms Grīnbergs. The author of the graphic design of the Brum Brum trademark is 
Dāvis Vilcāns. Last but certainly not least, the process of making the bike was chronicled by cameraman 
Mārtiņš Paeglītis.

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