Brittas Schmiede

My name is Britta Schwalm . After my graduation I was trained as a goldsmith in Langenselbold , which I finished in 1993 as Best Guild . After a journeyman activity in Darmstadt I closed a communication design at university. During my studies I worked independently in my small workshop and since my successful graduation in 2002 with redoubled zeal .

Handicraft LogoSeit 2003 I have entered in the Skilled Trades and since 2010 in the guild .
In February 2007, my 3rd prize in the international competition was “ make jewelry with original minerals “ in Munich awarded .

In May 2010, my Cellini Medal was awarded in Vienna .

In August 2014 My jewelery interpretation has been awarded by the European Academy of Jewellers , goldsmiths and silversmiths in Frankfurt .

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