BOXMARK Leather d.o.o.
Industrijsko naselje 10, 2325 Kidricevo Slowenien

BOXMARK is one of the world’s leading leather manufacturers and processors. Beginning with the raw material all the way up to the completed seat cover, our extremely well trained staff guarantees superior quality and perfect service! Our company culture is an essential part of the corporate philosophy. With a powerful brand, BOXMARK has positioned itself in the premium segment worldwide.

BOXMARK Leather is a subsidiary of H. Schmidt Holding GmbH and manufactures and processes about 14,000,000 m² upholstery leather annually. Thanks to our consistent customised services which are balanced in line with customers’ qualitative, economic and ecological needs, it goes without saying that BOXMARK will meet the expectations of the automotive and furniture industries by being a reliable partner with excellent and high-powered performance.

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