Bobux International
7/35 Allens Road 2013 Auckland Neuseeland

The establishment of Bobux by Chris and Colleen Bennett is a typical New Zealand success story. The statement, sometimes the best things are right under our noses, applies here.

Bobux story begins in 1991, where Chris and Colleen Bennett were looking for her nine-month-old daughter Chloe to find soft bootees, which not to slip from the foot. The only thing they could find, however, was hard, inflexible and thus not suitable in their eyes for Chloe’s feet, because they feared long-term foot damage.

So typical New Zealand they created themselves a shoe, the first Bobux Soft sole shoes. Soft leather, a sole made of suede and an elastic cuffs at the ankle made sure that the shoe was on Chloe’s feet. Thus the foot was protected, but not concentrated and, of course, was able to develop. That was the „birth“ of the original Bobux shoe.

„We’re still a family, Chloe is now part of the team. Our distributors, agents, employees and everyone who is involved with Bobux, is a part of our – as we call it – extended family. For us, this makes sense: it was important for us as a family to invent good shoes for Chloe. This was the foundation for an international company that creates footwear that supports the healthy development of little feet “

Headquartered Bobux International Ltd. is in Auckland, New Zealand. Bobux shoes for babies and toddlers are sold worldwide today. Each of our shoes, inspired by the Bobux company ethos supports the natural development of children’s feet.

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