Bobic Yacht Interior d.o.o.
Podbevskova 29 8000 Novo mesto Slovenia
Telefon: +386 (7) 393 31 08

Company Bobič was founded in 1960 and is a third-generation of a family owned business. Together with 55 members of the staff, all experienced joiners, technicians and engineers; we produce all types of exclusive furniture.At our work we combine a long joinery tradition and the newest technology, as well as the use of the environment friendly materials of the highest quality. Therefore the results of our work are quality constructed esthetic products, that make us one of the top manufacturers of exclusive interiors.Bobič Yacht Interior successfully cooperates with world famous designers, engineering companies, shipyards, hotel chains and individual customers. We are a reliable partner in the implementation of even the most demanding wishes.The main guidance of our team is the high quality of our products and a satisfied customer.

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