BLUE KEET Taschenwerkstatt Sevanne Mertens
Neuenhöfer Allee 82 50935 Köln Deutschland

Each bag has a number of functions that determine their design .
The bag strap is closure , mounting option and at the same time carrying aid . In all drafts a recyclable product , care was taken to develop , its seams are easily accessible for repairs .
The draft should make it a pocket together which is the individual needs.
Leather is an incomparably durable material can compete with the very few artificial products .
On weak elements such as linings , zippers and snaps will be omitted . All bags are made of as few elements .
The reduction benefits of durability , sustainability and function .
All seams are recessed to prevent wear by friction .
Each product made ​​of leather changed and will unmistakably over time . By hand embossed motifs is a pocket for personal unique. Hallmarking is an ancient craft . Combined with the sleek modern design of the pockets gives an exciting contrast . From the design to the finished product everything comes from a single source and is produced in small editions in Cologne . The high quality leather used comes from Germany .

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