Room 2207, Block 4, Guancheng Midtown 100044 Beijing China

Beijing quickly Shure Medical Technology Ltd was founded in 2007, specializes in the research and development in various fields focusing needleless syringe, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Company production, is R & D base in Daxing District of Beijing biomedical industry base, with 100,000 purification plant 10,000 sterile laboratory and automated production lines, to achieve a fully automated production and reach monthly two million needle-free injection supply with high capacity. The company has developed a variety of needle-free injector products, with injections of insulin, growth hormone injection, interferon, vaccines, anesthetic injections and other fields.

Company R & D team consists of: 75% of returned students to master. Study countries: France, Denmark, Germany, the United States. 25% graduated from the domestic first-class university: Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aerospace in Beijing. It’s about the mechatronics, mechanics, tool design, industrial design products, electronic applications, biology and other fields of research.

Shure fast as the industry model has not only experienced R & D team and high-precision production equipment, and has always settled in the needle-free injection systems business models, pursuing a needle-free culture at the heart, providing a more comfortable injection effect is enterprise mission. Today Shure is fast the independent research and development of needle-free injection industry leaders who cooperate with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Third places in the center, and various known hospitals in order „to achieve needle-free administration to superiority“ to carry out the to be clinical research, current academic promotion activities, and much more based on improving market demand and the development of new products, continued custom for all types of auxin, vaccines, insulin and other pharmaceutical and medical Beauty needle-free injection system in order to overthrow the traditional needle injection technology.

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