Beijing Blantyre times Technology Co., Ltd.
Yanqi Street Huairou District of Beijing 110116 BEIJING China

Beijing Tiertime Technology Co., Ltd. (Tiertime) is a leading innovator and Asia’s biggest 3D printing solution provider in global 3D printing industry. Tiertime has rolled out its industrial level 3D printer product Inspire series, the desktop 3D printer product UP series, with respective 3D printing software and printing material. Tiertime headquarter locates in Beijing, China, it reaches out the global market with business establishment all over the world.Tiertime was formerly known as Beijing Yinhua Laser Rapid Prototyping and Mould Technology Co., Ltd., a company created by a Tsinghua Professor Yan Yongnian, who is recognized as the first person to explore 3D printing in China. Tiertime has grown up for more than 20 years in 3D printing development industry.

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