Beeshaus Inc.
788 Columbus Ave #8D 10025 New York USA

Beeshaus jewelry depicts its design philosophy in search of the simplest and natural form(triangle, square and circle, etc.), devoid of any artificial fanfare, yet exuding the most natural beauty through the harmony of functionality and aesthetics. The origin of form is found in nature. Every element is born with its authentic form and transform for its functional purpose. In other words, the form follows its function and then goes through changes. Such forms are made of the most basic shape as needed. Such end state do not require further decoration.  In general, jewelry depicts an image of flamboyance and decorativeness. Beeshaus design motto however, believes in the principle that regardless of the jewelry’s shape or form, the moment it gets worn, it fulfills its role of ‘accessory’. Thus Beeshaus collection does not create jewelry for the sake of accessorizing. Adopting design inspiration in nature, Beeshaus collection devours in continued search for the natural minimalism look, to allow the jewelry to blend and transform along with the wearer’s individual personality. 

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