Atus BV
Minervum 7457 4817 ZP Breda Niederlande

Atus’ origins are founded in the Personal Security Product division of the BOSCH group.Its rich history goes back to the 1960′s when Philips started an on-site paging business in Breda, The Netherlands, a business that in 2002 was acquired by BOSCH.On September 1st 2010 Atus acquired the Personal Security division and it became an independent company realizing its ambition of focusing on critical communication solutions.Atus designs and markets personal security systems for a wide spectrum of industries and sectors that include detention centers, hospitals, care homes, the hospitality market, industry and commerce. Where ever staff are perceived to be at risk or face aggression, Atus provides solutions to alert staff and to prevent incidents from becoming disasters. Automatic – man down- alams, active system control and location detection enable fast and adequate help whenever it is needed.The systems are distributed to European countries and beyond through an indirect distribution channel, guaranteeing local installation and support.

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