Foundations were laid in 1966, the electrical appliances sector in Turkey Arzu leading position in the market; Germany, Azerbaijan, Iran and Iraq are mainly exporting to 25 countries.
8 in the product category; More than 250 products, including the consumer Arzum international missions meet a wide distribution network, we. In Hong Kong and 30 countries on four continents outside the office in Munich Located
Arzum has set as its mission „brand is the most valuable electrical equipment does not“ make a big difference in comfort and have a small extent. Innovative, passionate, friendly and „provides the best technologies and products, providing customers with attentive approach since its inception I want working life easier for consumers to make innovative products;.. Continue to support After the service, the service consumers According TGI Global survey most preferred top 10 brands of Turkey to the desired products, with more than 10 million home in Turkey. Uses
Arzum coffee, FIRR is, Nihal, Twister, Dropy Max won at home and abroad with products such as Turkey, the European Consumers Choice, iF Design, Plus X Award, Good Design, the Hong Kong Award for Industries and many prestigious awards such as the Design and Innovation Competition.

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