Aristo Vollmer GmbH
Erbprinzenstr. 36 75175 Pforzheim Deutschland

Each Aristo watch model tells a story. Hansjörg Vollmer since 1998 Managing Director of Aristo Vollmer GmbH in Pforzheim, he prefers to call numbers: „In 1907, the watchmaker Julius Epple in Pforzheim Aristo his watch and Uhrgehäusefabrik. By 1940, he returned for the first time a service watch to the Ministry of Aviation. 2015 our original replica was this legendary watch model nominated for the Designer Competition Red Dot Award. „Hansjörg Vollmer must often tell the history of the ARISTO Sextant: „The space pioneer Wernher von Braun had built this clock to calculate the trajectories of its missiles. In 2005, the sextant from a tip developed as the flagship in our Air Force watches series. The limited edition of the ARISTO Sextant was mainly in USA and Japan a coveted collector’s item. „

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