Architekten Spiekermann
Westkirchener Straße 2 48361 Beelen Deutschland

From the brick building with a gable roof to the modern flat roof house, from the carport to the Gewerbehalle: planning Since 1965, design, draw, coordinate and build we. From our headquarters in Beelen (Kreis Warendorf / NRW) we meet a national and international contracts, as in Bremen, Trier, Berlin and in Klagenfurt, Austria. In addition to designing, we also carry out all other construction phases as procurement, construction management, create the static and eventually handed over to the client. Creative, original, fast and always his eyes fixed on the economy – by our team of eight architects, a construction engineer, two draftsmen, two trainees and a commercial clerk stands out. Based is our work through close cooperation with skilled engineers and craftsmen and freelancers that are used in competitions. Between tradition and modernity, our architectural style move – today as in the future.

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