Araven is an international company with more than 30 years on the market, which designs, manufactures and sells a complete and innovative range of products for PROFESSIONALS from the FOODSERVICE sector, the RETAIL EQUIPMENT sector, as well as solutions for the HOME.Based in Zaragoza (Spain), and together with its branches in Mexico and US, a young, creative and multidisciplinary team innovates every day to surprise the market and guarantee the highest quality in our products and customer service.
Our passion is to solve our customers’ needs.If you are a professional in the foodservice sector, we want to make your daily work in the kitchen more simple, developing tools that are easy and comfortable to use, that are versatile and have all guarantees in terms of food hygiene, that help you comply with the regulations and carry out your daily work safely and confidently. Expert consultants in food safety collaborate with us, as well as chefs from all over the world, who give their points of view so that functionality is addressed in the product design.

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