Aquaform Incorporated Sp. z o.o.
Czernichów 465 32-070 Czernichów Polen

Aquaform Inc. is a manufacturer of lighting fixtures operating on the Polish market for almost twenty years. We produce modern architectural lighting as well as decorative lamps. Self varnishing and modern technologies we have developed led do the lighting elements of high quality and diversity. Aquaform Inc offers modern lighting systems and other interior trim. Thanks to unique solutions, our LED lighting is reliable and efficient. The modern design we provide fits well to well designed interiors. We also offer a modern architectural and exhibition lighting for homes and corporate offices from MODULAR, one of the leading manufacturers of lighting on the Belgian market. In our offer we also have a fascinating mesh of architectural company GKD, a remarkable range of metallic and decorative effects. In addition, you will find here a collection of LED wire mesh, which are used to design multimedia facades – the combination of LED and the wire mesh. Aquaform Inc. is high quality, reliable service, comfort and good price.

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