Elisabethstrasse 85716 Unterschleissheim Deutschland

You want your attire complete now and then something blade contact have (well-dosed pling – pling with a buddy and in fast motion) and too expensive it should not be, then reached a training weapon.

If you want great sword that matches the drapery, well located in hand and if you have time, you are more likely to attend school than simply going on billets. If it will bear the money I advise to battle ready weapon for choreography (mostly as Battle Ready Weapons declared).

You have no idea, no school nearby but still looking to kloppen right times with a friend. Here, I advise the wooden sword or battle sword. In both cases, a very thick protective equipment is necessary.

They regularly attend training, possibly have a permanent partner, know what weapon you want and what style you are contesting. Then you know what you need, the decision really only the hand and the purse falls.
Here are just a tip, choose the same steel as your partner, otherwise the blade of the sword is softer quickly transformed into a saw and this leads to nasty hits equipment damage or even personal injury.

In rapiers and other sharp weapons, the handle should be screwed to switch to handle or blade. The weapons are very light, delicate, are great in the hand, are only slightly top-heavy (Let’s give a sword for the battle and then a pure battle ready sword, if not the great Aaahhhhh – effect occurs, you should take a different contact your dealer) , Attention these weapons can be pointed and usually have only 1 mm material thickness at the cutting edge. In a battle you will be banned with such a weapon to the spectators, if not, then you should not participate in such a battle.

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