Aluvision develops and manufactures a modular aluminum system for the international exhibition and event industry, as well as for store and showroom fittings. Our high-end frame system allows a quick, efficient and ecological installation of every project.The unique Aluvision concept offers solutions for straight and curved hard panel walls, for fabric walls as well as for hanging signs.Aluvision is also specialized in developing LED solutions for the illumination of design objects, stand alone displays and large fabric structures.All of our ecological product solutions combine ingenuity and simplicity of set up with a superior degree of finishing which guarantees an elegant, functional and sustainable result. Thanks to the wide range of creative solutions the Aluvision system offers you will be able to personalize each and every of your designs to your clients’ needs.Moreover, Aluvision guarantees an excellent technical support. All quote requests can be answered with a 3D visualization and a parts list. A set up drawing can also be provided if required.

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