Allocacoc BV

Eventually we want to get at least one of our products into every household worldwide, from the richest household in NYC to the most remote one in Malawi.  
A different standard does not stop at just our products. It bleeds into everything we do. Flexibility and openness are reigning themes at our offices. We have several offices worldwide, spanning multiple continents. For these offices we adopted the open workspace concept as this promotes easy communication and collaboration among the employees. Our offices also reflect this: they are very open, with no separate “director’s office”: everyone sits at the same table. Take our Shanghai office for example: this is designed as a bar. There is no such thing as assigned seating, everyone is free to sit wherever they want, improving internal communication.
However employees that do seek privacy are given options to do so. There is no strict hierarchy, everyone is encouraged to bring up new ideas, which are often also implemented. Managers are not there to control but rather to encourage teamwork, independent thinking and innovation.  
This results in a very dedicated team. We often do not refer to Allocacoc as a company, but rather as a family.  
Allocacoc was founded by Yixia Jiang and Arthur Limpens, two industrial design engineers from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Since its inception, Allocacoc focuses on setting a different standard, and as such a standard is not limited to a country’s borders we had a strong international focus from the start onwards. In fact, our first order did not even come from the Netherlands, but from Germany.     

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