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Estelon is a global high-end speaker brand in pursuit of a dream to achieve complete aesthetic and acoustic perfection through the fusing of high art and cutting edge science.Exquisite craftsmanship and sonic innovation seamlessly blend to form a handmade line of products that offer unrivaled acoustic and aesthetic bliss. At the heart of Estelon speakers is the lifetime of passion, constant curiosity of technological challenges and 30 years of experience in speaker design of the company founder and the lead engineer, Alfred Vassilkov.Nature is the leading source of inspiration for Estelon – particularly the harmony in which every part of nature works perfectly in sync and in unison. This can be observed visually through the changing of seasons or even simply by listening to the sounds when you take a walk through a forest. For Alfred this pure synergy is what an engineer strives for in his instruments. Every single detail is carefully considered, selected and tested in all stages of the production process.Each decision from engineering to materials used in the
manufacturing process is made with the perfect harmony of the speakers as a whole in mind. The design and production process is comparable to building an exquisite and complex musical instrument.Estelon works closely with partners in the field of component manufacturing. This enables the lead designer, Alfred, to challenge the technological problems during the engineering process, enabling him to raise the quality bar in the high-end speaker market.The goals being achieved by the company redefine the very concept of high-end speakers as we know them today. The
detailed sonic space being constructed key by key in front of the listener, the unique aesthetic sculptural design and the deep emotional impact the speakers have on the audience, have made the world acknowledge Estelon as the leading innovator in the market of high-end speakers today.

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