2-1, Asahi-machi 448-8650 Kariya, Aichi Japan

Since the very beginning, Aisin Seiki has adhered to the corporate principle of „Quality First,“ and has sought to offer appealing products that meet our customers’needs. As the automotive industry has developed, we have established a presence in every corner of the globe, and today we boast a reputation as one of the world’s foremost comprehensive auto parts manufacturers. We are also expanding business activities in the areas of lifestyle and energy fields, offering a wide range of products that enrich the lives of our customers.Building on the diverse technologies we have amassed in these various areas, Aisin Seiki is pursuing the design and development of new value-added products, while maintaining a rigorous focus on quality backed by reliability evaluations and proven production methods. In addition, we are endeavoring to achieve harmony with society and nature by actively engaging in activities that contribute to the community and conserve the environment.Moving forward, we will continue working with our affiliates and subsidiaries around the world to contribute to the creation of a better automotive society and a higher standard of living. To each and every one of our customers, residents of communities where we do business, and other stakeholders worldwide, we aim to be an irreplaceable global partner.We sincerely hope for your input and support in the future.

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