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Air Vita aims to adopt a new concept for air purifier for more effective, eco-friendly approach. Looking from our customers’ perspective, and with the heart of a mother, Air Vita strives to make products that could make anyone happy even if we are just making one.
By emitting a large amount of anion, Air Vita improves the indoor environment. It reduces or eliminates harmful substances, molds, and various bacteria in the air. Air vitamin Air Vita cares for your family’s health, making you feel like you are in the forest full of anion.
Air Vita’s advanced AICI (Airvita Ions-ozone Complex Ionization) technology uses low-pressure potential difference method and not high-pressure. Air Vita’s new technology discovered the optimal ion combination available that surpasses most of existing air purifier production method – plasma corona technology.
Unlike the existing air purifier system that requires difficult management and high maintenance cost, Air Vita can be simply cleaned with water; it barely has any maintenance cost. Also, to make sure additional cost does not occur after the purchase, Air Vita always put ourselves in our customers’ shoes.

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