Oude Leeuwenrui, Antwerpen, België 2000 Antwerpen Belgien

airclad is the next generation of pre fabricated building products. the development of this system took 5 years to come to fruition and now offers the ultimate in creativity and structural performance.airclad has been born out of the demand by our clients for architecturally stimulating solutions to temporary and permanent buildings for all types of use. the structures are all modular, prefabricated solutions requiring only assembly on site.airclad is a platform to design and build buildings and has no pre conceived typology or limitations that could be attached by such and as a result there is an almost limitless possibility to options to fit out the interiors of the buildings and the external forms and finishes. airclad structures are designed to be re-assembled as many times as needed. airclads can be built and erected permanently and have the capability to be engineered to hurricane force winds due to the unique monocoque structure created by the frame and inflated panels that clad the structure. this frame system also means that large concrete foundations are not needed and in many cases no fixings may be required at all such as the roof office pods we have completed. airclad structures are light weight – as we have designed and edited the system to use minimal components to achieve the structural performance and look to the buildings.
less is more in the case of airclad. the flat packed nature of airclad allows large buildings to be erected in places large portacabin type solutions could not.all airclad structures are offered with full engineering and planning permission if and when required.recently we launched the first range of off the shelf event focused structures under the eXpo name. these are now available to buy and rent across europe, and continue to develop more products to extend the eXpo system.while this work maybe on a straightforward commercial basis we also undertake various collaborations bringing together more abstract opportunities along side our core strengths to deliver.the development of new ideas takes many forms and is not restricted to portable buildings or airclad. we are about observing and working on solutions with no boundaries to typology.opblaasbaar is based in antwerp. we have converted our own warehouse to become the creative hub of what we do, where we do it. it mixes studio with workshops as we develop everything from the perspective of production exploitation. we even have nick’s original welder that started inflate!antwerp is a dynamic, culturally and commercially optimistic city. it is small yet broad thinking. it is home to diamonds, fashion, chocolate, great beer and now it is home to opblaasbaar and airclad.antwerp is very well placed centrally in Europe with the design team embracing the opportunity to travel and take on projects all over Europe and rest of the world.

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