We have been working as promotional products distribution company for 10 years.

What we like about this job the most is product creation process.

What we dislike about this job the most is that feeling when you open promotional products catalogue and see thousands of standard products. 70% out of them you’ve seen in the last year catalogue. And the year before the last. And 10 years old catalogue probably too. Ih!

So in 2012 we underlined what we liked, crossed out what we disliked and created aiia:

• 12 promotional products in every given moment of time
• each product is a masterpiece
• each product is technological
• each product is out of the box
• one new product is launched on 3rd day of each month
• one old product is discard on 3rd day of each month

Our Dream
aiia team has a crazy vision: to build a company that will bring promotional gifts on the level of contemporary art. We are not there yet – far from it. But aiia keeps moving.

Our Business
People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

aiia’s business is to create, produce and sell perfectly designed innovative promotional products to help our clients make people happy.

Our Secret
Our secret is as simple as this formula:
Great design + Cutting-edge technology + Being different = aiia product

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