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Grenaavej 635a 8541 Skoedstrup Dänemark

When Danes set their dinner table they use white plates – maybe with a discrete and simple decoration. However, it has not always been like that. In 1953 when Ancher Iversen started his company, white china was impossible to sell. His idea therefore was to use the surplus production of white demitasses, souvenir cups etc. from the post-war period, which he had Danish china painters decorate with gold. Later on, the company grew and began trading in glassware and china, and ancher iversen a/s has produced many of the popular collections, including Panorama, Anette, the Swan collection, studio and atelier, which have been used to set tables for decades.In 1969 Finn Maae Jensen became a partner in the ancher iversen a/s and when the founder passed away three years later, Finn Maae Jensen bought the entire company. Since then, ancher iversen a/s has completed a succession process, and today Peter Maae Jensen is the managing director and principal shareholder.

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