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AHOKU focuses its core competences on Electronic and Mechanical technology since the business started in 1983. From the first Surge Protectors in the market to the invention of world’s largest patent product set, including Universal Travel Adapter,Converter, USB Charger, AHOKU has established its leadership in professional power source and supply field with its pioneering R&D and the persistence on excellence.  Recent years, AHOKU has strengthened its core competence by extending business to communication-related field and it has launched a Power Line Communication Outlets, Rackmount PDU and related products. As for being an environmental friendly enterprise, AHOKU diligently puts effort in developing green power and energy-saving products and launching Power Saving Surge Protectors. Furthermore, AHOKU has dedicated itself to developing auto-related products in the fast-growing automotive electrical equipment market and launching Portable Car Battery Charger, Car 12VDC to AC Power Inverter/USB Charger and forth series products. Through the business extension and the core competence improvement, the annual growth rate of AHOKU has been on a raise in the professional field. Comprehension on the fact that Digital Multi-Media Technology will be gradually becoming the mainstream of hi-tech in coming years, AHOKU assiduously integrates the resource to the R&D of Digital Multi-Media Technology and successfully launched the LCD TV, Digital Advertising Screen in 2002. Moreover, AHOKU has become the market leader and as well as developed Touch Panel Car DVR in 2011. In the near future, AHOKU will persist on developing the products of high differentiation, competitive edge and Digital Multi-Media Technology, therefore to achieve the corporate goal that becoming a world-class professional Digital Multi-Media Company. The staff of AHOKU will devote their passion and creativity to product innovation, product integration, and the R&D in Power Supply, Communication, and Digital Multi-Media Technology section. AHOKU consistently provides fine customer services and it expects to create strategic alliances and partnerships with the main customers. AHOKU develops target market, stabilizes competitive advantage and creates win-win solutions.     

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