AFG Arbonia-Forster-Riesa GmbH

Heat is not an indispensable part of our lives. Especially in the living area but also in the workplace, it is an indispensable element. Arbonia has made it his mission to help areas to a comfortable climate. With high-quality heating design for convincing residential solutions and demanding buildings. This is what the name Arbonia for many decades. Today Arbonia room heaters are produced at three sites – in Switzerland, in Germany and in the Czech Republic. With modern manufacturing methods and qualified, motivated employees. Quality for quality of life and precision for best function.

Room heaters in top form.
Room heaters in top form.
In addition to a perfect function the form of clear priority at Arbonia. Comfort also for the eye. Rises with an aesthetic that heat distribution eyecatcher and design element. Not in vain for many years the slogan „radiators at its best“ closely linked to the brand Arbonia. Numerous awards and design awards prove the high design competence and innovative strength.

Modern heat as desired.
Various land uses, different living styles and individual needs require differentiated, broad and partially very special heating solutions. Arbonia comes all these wishes against fully. With a wide, almost complete product range for each plan, every customer and heat demand. The latest manufacturing and logistics allow it maximum flexibility in color and shape design. From the bench radiator on curved or angled shapes to design object for the reception room or the Heizskulptur for the conservatory.

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