ADP Engineering GmbH ROTWILD

In our development of new products the control of the material and the knowledge about the different chassis requirements are inseparably connected. From the beginning we decided with ROTWILD on an independent approach, because our view of high-quality frames and their perfect function requires the control of absolute high-level technology and the knowledge about the crucial parameters. Intensive research for many years and close co-operation with prominent technology partners, most modern testing methods, and comprehensive tests with international top-class athletes enable our experts to implement path breaking ideas and genuine passion for the bike sport with innovative solutions.
The ROTWILD engineers place the highest demands and leave nothing to coincidence. We keep each individual progress in hand both in each development cycle and during the complete manufacturing process. Because only uncompromising quality control is sufficient for our demand on the integrated development process of a bikes, in which we develop efficient technology and consistently convert our technical expertise into each ROTWILD product. So that in the end we created a ROTWILD bike, which convinces with fascinating riding performance and which is suited for each personal preference and each area of application.

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