Yama Design, Research & Development Ltd is a Technologies and Industrial Design company, provided with a unique control of new technologies and ideas which will change the life of tomorrow. We develop state of the art creative solutions, meaning revolutionary, bringing to our clients' products and services, a unique and distinctive competitive advantage, not only on their classical markets but also, on unobserved marketing niches.
Throughout the development process, the company employs existing knowledge to create innovative and Avanti- guard products that integrate the past and the present. We dedicate many efforts to understand our clients' current and future needs to provide each one with optimal solutions. Listening and incorporating the experiences of others is a pivotal principle of ours. We do not view the development process as a constant struggle, but rather believe that innovation is best fostered within confines and obstacles. A collaborative process with the client begins in the first stages of the project; we believe that design should be an integral part of the r&d process and the engineering. The vision of Yama is to merge the boundaries between design and operative, engineering and business planning. Yama brings tremendous experience from projects that cross industries and functions, including: automobiles, plastic, medicine, and more.

Product Design, Product Development, Product Engineering.

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