velvet mediendesign GmbH
Telefon: 0893619470
Fax: 08936194719

take a portion of creativity, professionalism, craziness, arts and design and you'll get velvet.
but even more, we are professional individuals united in a clear company mission of high-quality and aesthetics completed with a high level of content communication.
our goal is to find all encompassing design and film solutions to implement concept and storyboard layout, directing and production with editing and post.
our high-standard ethnical equipment allows us complete in-house processing and meets our needs in top quality and controlled workflow.

as design studio and a full film production and post production, velvet incarnates the passion and obsessions of its designers, directors and producers.
conscious of our constant necessity for the needs of our clients, we streamlined and adjusted all our activities created 2 main interconnecting departments: &

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