Sound Design Agency Radja
Telefon: +46 736 50 96 55

Radja Sound Design Agency is a world leading expert within Audio Branding, who build and strengthen brands through sound communication. Sound form a significant part of how we experience a brand, building or product.

Good sound design adds value, is dynamic and increases sales. Radja creates unique sound experiences at places that millions of people visit every year.

We partner with architects, retailers and marketers to conceptualize ideas for places that will provide extra-ordinary customer experiences. Within Radja’s portfolio you will find sound strategies and concepts for commercial real estate owners, shopping destinations and hotel chains among others. We know how customers are affected by sound and how finding the right sound and music for your brand will benefit your business.

All brands express themselves through sound, but few have control over how they are heard. As experts within sound design and audio branding, Radja listen and help you define your external voice.

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