Smart Media-The Annual Report Company
100 Horton Place 00700 Colombo 7 Sri Lanka
Telefon: +94 77 2762405

Demonstrating a professional and contemporary approach to financial and corporate reporting, Smart Media The Annual Report Company helps organisations report and communicate most effectively by making the best use of any medium – traditional print, web, mobile, video and audio.

Focused exclusively on annual reports, we also provide cutting edge thinking on integrated reporting and sustainability, and help you to present all statutory and supplementary disclosures in an innovative, lucid and compelling story that meets your business objectives, while also being an interesting read.

As a certified carbon neutral company, we offer to make the production of your annual report also carbon neutral through offsets. What's more, we encourage and assist clients to measure and report their own carbon footprint, which often leads to the adoption of measures that reduce GHG emissions intensity as well as energy costs.

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