QWIC Hartmobile BV
Pedro de Medinalaan 11 1086 XK Amsterdam Netherlands
Telefon: +31 (0) 20-6306540

QWIC is a Dutch brand and develops, produces and commoditizes lightweight electric bikes from Amsterdam. QWIC’s electric bikes will focus on urban areas. With QWIC’s products, a large part of personal mobility (now usually filled by cars) is to be operated.

QWIC believes that riding electric bikes is a solution to traffic congestion, pollution and even reduces CO2 discharge. By developing innovative electric bikes we make products that are not only sustainable but are also fun to have and fun to ride.Sustainable mobility is our future! Mobility is one of the most important needs in our western civilization. The most important forms of mobility are: The car, moped/motorbike, public transport, bicycles and walking. The first two forms of mobility are equipped with internal combustion engine resulting in local pollution. The environmental damage is a growing problem in highly inhabited areas like The Netherlands.

The demand for mobility is growing, while at the same time environmental standards regarding CO2 discharge and fine particulates are becoming more complex. Furthermore, fossil fuels are becoming scarce and extremely expensive. Even the norms for noise production are becoming stricter. The growing demand for mobility, resulting in a growing amount of transportation, is already causing large environmental-, traffic- and parking problems in urban areas. QWIC helps reducing these problems.

More information: Visit www.qwic.eu

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