POND the Brand Innovation Company http://www.pondsthlm.com
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At Pond, we believe that insights and ideas are the lifeblood of brands and that innovation is the currency that ensures your brand’s future. As such, we have created a new agency model, optimized to be your ideal innovation partner by taking a holistic approach from insight to impact.

In our house, creative thinking meets commercial understanding. We are entrepreneurs at heart. We identify both what to sell and how to sell it. We innovate and design product and service solutions that engage and excite. We enhance your innovation hit-rate, revitalize and sharpen your offer. And ultimately, improve your bottom line.

Since 2000, our team is behind over 6000 product and service launches across multiple categories and markets. Over 60 people strong, we have experience in creating everything from food to consumer durables, everyday goods to luxury products, telecom to e-commerce solutions, financial services to fashion.

But, it is how we work together that really sets us apart. We believe in diversity to foster creativity – no two people at Pond have identical skills. Rather, we bring people with different backgrounds and expertise together, to challenge one another and think holistically from the start. We believe that everything starts with insight; and what we do with that insight must make an impact. And importantly, we believe in teaming up with our clients on the innovation journey, enhancing the overall outcome while developing their innovation capabilities.

Working with us you’ll feel understood yet challenged, provoked yet inspired, and always, an integral part of the team.

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