Pilipili nv
Kanonstraat 44 8500 Kortrijk Belgium
Telefon: +32 56 230850

Differentiation through Innovation & Design
Pilipili was founded in 1996 by Steven Dehollander and Adriaan Debruyne. They graduated from the Henry Van de Velde Institute in Antwerp and started their own design agency in Menen. What started small, soon grew to become a full-scale product design and engineering studio. Pilipili moved to Kortrijk in 1999 which supported the design image of the city.
As the number of projects increased, the team also expanded. A complete team works on the design process from start to finish. Pilipili developed its own design vision and methodology. Our efforts have often been rewarded with prestigious awards. In 2007, pilipili received its acknowledgement as a service-provider for the ‘KMO-portefeuille’, the subsidiary program of the Flemish government for and consultancy for SME’s, for economic and strategic advice.
13 proud team members build away at the reputation of pilipili. We keep monitoring the market and the industry, so as to prepare for trends and integrate new technologies. Steven Dehollander was one of the initiators of the Association of Flemish Industrial Design Agencies, Vvio, the new platform for knowledge development, stimulation and promotion of industrial design. Pilipili also cooperates with organisations such as the government institution Design Vlaanderen, which develops many initiatives to bridge the gap between design and industry, Flanders Inshape, the Flemish competence pool for product development and industrial design, and FlandersBio, the association of Flemish biotechnology companies.
We keep innovating, creating, coordinating and consulting. We maintain high standards and strive for the highest quality. In the future, we want to apply ourselves to outline design strategies for companies in order to align product goals with the vision of the entire organisation.
Our designs result from a combination of an attractive design and an expertise in industrial engineering. A streamlined workflow through all of the development process ensures an innovative and reliable output.
A professional team, with different talents and vast knowledge, takes on a project from start to finish. Pilipili can also offer support for your own R&D-team in different phases of your project and present new and fresh ideas, both on a creative level as on a technical level.
Pilipili has been working for a wide range of sectors such as industrial equipment, consumer products, medical devices, electronic appliances etc.

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