Telefon: +34 941 25 92 26

Moruba is formed by Daniel Morales and Javier Euba. Two designers with undying enthusiasm for each and every one of their projects; who are not satisfied with simply finding the best formal solution, but rather insist that this solution be founded in a solid concept. Their passion for design truly blossoms when they are able to work with the complete confidence of their clients. Their projects often transcend the initial objectives and end up being recognized by national and international awards, and published in books and magazines. For more information about this design team please write us at Or you may call us at +34 941 25 92 26, or visit our studio in Logroño, at the following address: c/ Capitán Cortés n.º 2 bajo, 26003, en Logroño, La Rioja, Spain.

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