Steinerstrasse 15, Haus C 81369 Munich Germany
Telefon: 0049 (0)89 693350299

MDLab is a strategic design agency for the creation of wonderful places.

We design curiosity, we create beliefs, we make places.

We believe places are never simply inspiring destinations.

Places are authentic generators of education, trading, invention and unity.

We understand places by combining the design factors of people, products, services and spaces.

Places are transitional sites made for connected experiences.

Our project teams are experience-design collaborations between researchers, architects, artists, designers and software engineers.

Our commissions incorporate brand strategy, audience planning, interactive media, 3D design and production management.

Established with our founding client, Samsung Electronics, we operate in 34 countries and has studios in London, Munich, Seoul, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

As part of the Cheil network we work alongside creative agencies BMB (UK), McKinney (USA), Barbarian Group (USA) and Bravo (CN).

In 2014 we proudly received 3 Iconic awards for our place design in Shanghai, Barcelona and Las Vegas.

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