Nussbergstr. 17 38102 Braunschweig Germany
Telefon: +49531345744

Fresh ideas in the areas of interface, graphic and product design.

For us perfect design is far more than just external attractiveness. Our aim is the ideal
combination of a future-oriented design with an explicit usability – as the user is the
main focus of our work. Shape and function form a harmonious unit that convinces the
buyer long-term and binds him to the product.

Since 1994 we design, create and develop user interfaces, screen graphics, products and
related services. That makes our teamhighly specialised in all areas of design. mangodesign
continually expands its design team by employing motivated and young members of staff.

The most important thing for us is teamwork. According to your project requirements
we can set up the ideal team from our highly qualified and motivated design staff. The
combination of expert knowledge, long-term experience and creativity as well as an
intensive exchange with our customers creates an abundance of ideas for the best
solution possible. Depending on our client’s needs, we are able to fulfil any individual
inquiry, may it be a simple icon, a complex prototype or the quest for an innovative result.
We will consult with you to find the right approach to your problem amongst different
design solutions: classical and proven or cutting-edge, however, everything will be
executed on the highest aesthetic level.

Concepts for graphical user interfaces (layout and information structures), screen design,
simulations, interactive prototypes with data embedding, presentation design, specifications
and style guides

Analysis, concepts, creation, CAD construction, animation, modelling, rapid prototyping,
trade show presentations, consulting services

Icons, font/typeface design, animation and motion graphics,software and app design,
skins, business stationary, web design, illustrations

Advertising and training material, small series, videos, prototyping, presentation documents

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