Lin Diona Lin
No.43, Sec. 4, Keelung Rd. 106 Taipei city Taiwan
Telefon: +886 937 278 556

HearMe team

Diona Lin | UX research / UI and UX design
Yi-Hsuan, Tsai | UX research / Application development
Hsien-Hui, Tang | Project manager
Neng-Hao, Yu | Computer science direction

Located in NTUST, DITLDESIGN is a place for passionate & talent designers devoted to design, UX and innovation.

DITLDESIGN is a collection of the design practice and activities in Design Information & Thinking Lab, DITL. Responding to the current states of industry, the abbreviation I in DITL has transformed into information, interaction, interface, industry, and integration .

The features of DITLDESIGN include user experience research and design, multidisciplinary collaboration, working prototype, and software hardware integration. Connecting both design practice and research, we focus on design thinking, user experience design, and innovation incubation. Our goal is using the power of design to fulfill user needs and have social impacts.

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