KopfKunst, Agentur für Kommunikation GmbH http://www.kopfkunst.net
Telefon: 0251/97917-0
Fax: 0251/97917-77

For more than 20 years KopfKunst has been providing strategic support to its largely longstanding customer base, offering bespoke communication solutions in the form of cross-media positioning and design concepts. KopfKunst currently has over 20 employees working in the following spheres:

• Strategic communications consulting, marketing and corporate design concepts
• Public relations, corporate communication, press work, content editing
• Graphic design, conceptualisation and layout
• Web design, web programming, content management
• Media production (print, online)
• Add-ons: customer care, direct marketing, media

KopfKunst works nationwide for companies and associations in a wide variety of spheres, from family-owned SMEs with a regional character to industrial associations operating throughout Germany and internationally active companies.

According to the current PAGE CD/CI ranking, KopfKunst is one of the leading corporate design agencies in Germany. Ranked 23rd in Germany, KopfKunst is also one of the five largest owner-managed corporate design and corporate-publishing agencies in North Rhine Westphalia.

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