Kim Jongmin Kim
1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, US-MTV-1950-4-474F 94043 Mountain View USA
Telefon: 01-650-210-6488

Jongmin Kim is a Korean-born Interactive Developer who has a sense of design, and currently lives in San Francisco Bay Area and works at Google for user interaction and user experience.

Jongmin might be better-known for his personal work than for his commercial work; his Form Follows Function project is a collection of entrancing and engrossing “interactive experiences” that highlight just how far HTML5 can go. The award-winning site includes a spinning navigation wheel on the website, with each interactive experience represented by a poster. By clicking on a poster, an interactive experience opens up. Each one is as much a piece of art as it is a chance to push HTML5 to its limits.

Jongmin worked as a senior interactive developer and designer for over five years in South Korea. During that time, he successfully worked on projects for celebrated clients such as Samsung, SK and LG. And at Firstborn Multimedia in New York, Jongmin was a Senior Developer worked on Pepsi, Sony and Cadillac. He has received multiple awards, including the Red Dot award, the IF award, the W3 award, FWA, the Webby awards and the One Show award.

He always tries to “pursue a minus design rather than plus designs” and keeps in mind that “form follows function.” His style is minimal and clean, and interesting typography. His portfolio website and personal works reflect his approach to design.

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