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In the over-saturated era, things can be classified into two, “innovative yet difficult to achieve” and “practical but not novel”. This is because after the industrial revolution, the production system is reformed, but due to the form of modern industry, after many possibilities have been expanded, it shrinked down ultimately. We believe that the value to be given must be different even if the production method in the lack of material goods era and the saturated era is the same.

When pursuing cultural living, design becomes its richness source. A great deals of richness can be given with just transformation in shape. Through design, it is possible to create something that can surprise the world. It will be our pleasure to discover the unknown values with you.

Material will eventually lost its value (things), but cultural values (design) will continue to exist permanently and become the universal language for all. We will continue to resonate with people’s heart and discover timeless design that will persist in the future.


Based in Osaka, Japan, Kairi Eguchi Design was established in 2008 with the main focus in Industrial Design, but also providing signature styled and innovative branding and marketing work for its clients. 2012 signaled, with the chance to exhibiting at the Salone Satellite during the renowned Milan Design Week, Kairi Eguchi Design started overseas projects and collaborations throughout the international design arena.

2005 Good Design Award 2005
2006 Good Design Award 2006
2009 LG Mobile Design Competition 2009 Gold Prize
2010 LG Mobile Design Competition 2010 Gold Prize
2011 LG Mobile Design Competition 2011 Gold Prize
2013 California Dream Week, Architecture&Design 1st Place. (STUDY THAO & KAIRI EGUCHI DESIGN)

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