Interactive Pioneers GmbH
Belvedereallee 5 52070 Aachen Germany

Interactive Pioneers, based in Aachen and Hamburg, is a
digital studio specialized in solving technologically challenging tasks and
providing outstanding user experience. The experienced team develops ambitioned,
effective and creative solutions for the digital world – flavoured with a good
dose of pragmatism. Founded by Carlo Matic in 1997 the agency consists of
experts in conception, creation, motion design, programming, project management and
quality assurance.

Through an collaborative approach the interdisciplinary team – involving
developers and creatives as well as the client – generates efficient solutions
for small and big brands, enterprises and organisations, which want to make a

As such commissioned works and the studio‘s own products emerge
from one common source. Interactive Pioneers‘ technology experts are creative
developers with excellent communication skills who passionately strive for the unusual.
Its creatives unite smart interface design and innovative ideas with strong
multimedia emotions.

Websites, games, videoclips, animations, and apps for mobile, web
or desktop alike that are made by Interactive Pioneers are consistently focused
on masking complex technology with the ease of advanced usability.

Over nearly 20 years, more than 1,000 interactive projects have
been released, including many works for renowned agencies and enterprises such
as Adlon, BBDO, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Post, Jung
von Matt, Philpp & Keuntje, Sennheiser, Sport1 and Nike. The team’s ability
is also affirmed by their multiple award winning innovations.

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