Inesa Malafej

etc.etc. is a studio founded in 2012 by Inesa Malafej and Arunas Sukarevicius. Since then we have been combining studio work together with our studies and constantly move between Lithuania, Denmark and Germany.

Working together for a few years formed our relationship between each other as well as attitude to the designing process. Working in different areas, involving other people and changing our roles constantly helps us in finding the best point of view in search for the best solutions for good design. The completion of each project enriches us giving an understanding of subject, material, process and marketing of the product.

In our work we hold a deep respect to the craft and traditions. Together with this we are looking for a new approach to adapt it for today's environment, technology and society. With every project we try to take a small but appreciable step forwards from what was done before.

Positive feedback from people that use our items is essential for us. It is inspiring to know that trough our work we contribute to the quality of environment in everyday life.

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