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I+K Studio Design is an Industrial Design office of brands, patents, industrial property, product development, conceptual development, and creative team designing for living.
Kristjan was educated in the Accademia Belli Arte in Brera, Milan, restore and technology of art. Later it's entitled as industrial designer at Milano Politechnic Institute. Later obtains a post-title in industrial processes of the école des art Lausanne and MB of business administration l, product design and innovation, and strategic design at technoligical University of Helsinki. It has received numerous prizes, between which the mention of the prize art lagoon of the arsenals of Venice, the third place of the lounge of Lithuania's masters, and Moscow. 2013 fund IK Studio that develops projects of product, strategic design, brands, patents and industrial and intellectual property. Nowadays they live in Chile, planning to establish in scandinavia inside the next years. Though his work is similar to the work of Matta, Brera's teachers determined that it had introduced the work in the content; Matta was the automatism of the form abstract expressionist and Kristjan psychology semiótica of the form spread time of totally different content. In the opinion of Carmen Melian from Sotheby's… " It is difficult to deal since the work is generated, only it is born of an eidetic experience and surprises that a great format is born in only an hour "…. Nowadays is Chief Creative Officer of I+K studio Design.

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