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GRANDESIGN is a design company dedicated to product and vehicle design, offering a complete design package, from concept ideation to CAD 3D engineering and prototyping. Born in the engineering and tooling region of Marinha Grande, GRANDESIGN is the leading industrial design company in Portugal, and a member of GRUPOVANGEST – a combination of 12 expert companies supplying the worldwide market with innovative engineering, tooling and IT solutions.

Today, consumers look for products that reach to their hearts, awake emotions, nurture culture and reason, that engage and, at the same time, touch them. GRANDESIGN seasons the products it designs as one spices-up a tasty meal to enhance its flavour, to suit the demands of a competitive market, never neglecting the sensitive interaction, the tactile pleasure of touching objects. More than functional, products should awake the consumer’s senses, creating bonds and affections.

Meeting consumer’s desires is to understand their doubts by developing products that convey safety, comfort, friendliness and wellbeing. For it, GRANDESIGN explores the human side, the hallmark of each individual in optimizing each product, within an integrated design and development process, complemented with engineering, prototyping or tooling solutions in partnership with expert companies of GRUPOVANGEST. This combination of technology with design increases functionality and cost reduction, in a recipe for success.

By materializing concepts – exploring sensations, feelings and needs through design – we find the way for differentiation and competitiveness. With added colour, added flavour, and added life, DESIGN IS THE WAY embodies GRANDESIGN‘s approach to design the pathways for the success of its clients.

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