GP designpartners gmbh
Schottenfeldgasse 63/5 1070 Vienna Austria
Telefon: 43152335980

GP designpartners provides industrial design and interaction design services and was founded in 1992 by rudolf greger and christoph pauschitz. today GP is an 11-member team of enthusiastic designers based in vienna.
since 1992, GP designpartners has been creating industrially manufacturable products that stand out significantly against their respective competitors on the market. to GP, design is an effective, strategic tool of business and brand development. our combination of industrial design and interaction design provides solutions which meet the requirements of users and the market.
as the linking force between R & D, marketing and distribution, management and customers, GP generates synergies and facilitates innovation. through the proper use of design services GP helps its clients to increase value added and product sales, thus securing a decisive market advantage for its clients.
GPs location is vienna, a melting pot of nations, meeting point and bridge between east and west and between north and south. this location in the centre of europe makes GP particularly suitable when it comes to european design.

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