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Telefon: +49 91757909553

FATH Components is a developer and manufacturer of plastics and metal components for industrial applications. At the head office in Spalt, in the South of Nuremberg, around 150 people are working. In a nice wooden building, under a roof with a 260 kW solar power plant from its own production, the team covers the whole product origination process, from idea to delivery.
Here also, a eight-man group of engineers is working who are responsible for all new developments. Next to them, our inhouse product designer Christoph Reichelt has his office. This is how we achieve direct practical input, fast decision making and a continuous feedback during the design process.
Deeply rooted in this environment, Christoph Reichelt has manifold interests outside his main field of duty, from history and culture in car styling (see also autoauge.blogspot.com) to modern arts and music. Thus, he sometimes brings new, surprising impulses into the team. And from time to time, he provides his expertise to other customers, who value his professionalism and practical experience as well as his rich creativity.
FATH supports and acknowledges this part of his work, and provides practical help, if necessary

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