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Dinamo is a product design and development consultancy with more than 15 years experience contributing to our customers market success with value-adding innovative solutions for their new products, making them highly appreciated and demanded by buyers and users.

The criteria and expectations of design constantly evolve. However, while aesthetic trends vary over time, the fundamentals of good design remain stable.

The products must be effective for what they were designed and must be manufactured with quality. As an experienced design company, we at Dinamo help our customers to find innovative solutions and new advantageous features to be successful in the market.

For this reason, goals and working methods at Dinamo involve the use of rational criteria along the design and development process: carrying out ergonomics and human factor studies, making queries among users, market analysis, contributing with original ideas and verifying its functionality. Through these comprehensive methods we will give your products the competitive edge they require to thrive in the marketplace.
We invite you to check our website to learn about the services we provide as well as some examples of the projects we have accomplished along our business trajectory, including those which gained recognition through several design awards.

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